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    @pglewis posted this on our site forums, it stands as correct for the forums for this plugin as well:

    Use the forums for general usage questions and general help. If you include code, use and paste a link to the code on the forum. Specific Pods questions are more likely to get attention than more general questions about WordPress, PHP, Javascript, etc. Basic concepts and usage questions are more likely to get attention than something more complex. The development team is focused on bringing new, exciting features to Pods and the entire Pods community helps out on the forums in their spare time. If you have a complex problem and need help, it is best to break the problem down into smaller pieces and solve them one at a time. If it’s going to take a half hour or more to understand your problem/code then it’s going to be difficult to coax someone to help.

    If you think you’ve found a bug then we want to fix it, and reproducible bugs get fixed quickly around here. The forums are not well suited to tracking, prioritizing, and assigning resources so if you want a bug squashed as much as we do:

    • Get it in GitHub: We can track things better and prioritize in GitHub. Issues are far, far less likely to get missed and the less time we spend transferring issues to GitHub translates to more time making awesome new stuff!
    • If we can find it, we can fix it. Try to boil down the problem to something that we can reproduce quickly, ourselves. Step by step instructions on how to make it happen is the #1 thing you can do to get a speedy resolution to an issue. Include other important details: the type of Pod, storage type, fields and types involved, other field properties (single/multi select) that may be specific to the problem you are having. Include any code involved using GitHub’s markdown syntax or link to and be sure to specify where your code is placed (WP template, Pods Page, Pods Template, ect). Try to keep your code examples limited to “just enough to reproduce the problem” if you can.
    • Don’t report multiple, unrelated issues together in the same issue, and don’t add a new issue report to an existing issue. One issue per report keeps the ongoing dialog on the issue clear and has a much lower risk of having something missed.

    I cannot stress this enough: a good issue report on GitHub will put your issue on the fast-track.

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