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  • I think you can make it more personable by having an “about me” page and maybe have a little less advertisement?

    I’m personally not a huge fan of large image headers as it pushes the content way down the page. On my laptop I can only view just below the nav menu without scrolling.

    I would echo jojos suggestion that you need an about me page. I would also place less ads on the sidebar and replace them with widgets showing your latest posts and category links etc.

    I also recommend using permalinks so that your urls are more seo friendly.



    How can I add an about me page?


    You may wish to promote your blog. This can be done through Social Media Sites such as Facebook and Twitter or through Social Bookmarking Sites such as Digg and Delicious.

    I have a site called which offers free tips and articles on promoting blogs and websites.

    If you need help promoting, just let me know.



    Okay, I have an about me page, struggling to set up an email for the site, with google..(I thought wordpress gave u one for your site but I guess not…) I added a Rss and an email update button to get people to stay. I know I need to build internal links to different articles I’ve written. Before I loudly promote my blog…any big things I am overlooking?

    I can’t see your about page. I recommend making your profile image linking to it and adding another link in the sidebar.

    You need to create an email address via your hosting area.

    Try adding the plugin “from mail” that will set your gmail up pretty easily.

    Good website promotion starts with good Keyword choices. I would say choose between 5-10 words. Something like healthy, living, food, eating, lifestyle, etc. Put these into a Keyword Tool e.g. Google’s Keyword Tool and see what other words appear and what has low competition. You should then try to use these in your posts and in headings.

    You can also use these keywords when using Social Media Sites to promote your site, e.g. when searching for people to follow on twitter. On this note, use your twitter account and facebook pages to inform people when you have submitted new posts. Better still use Hootsuite (this is free) to do it all at the same time and schedule it (9am is said to be the best time).

    Bookmarking your posts on Social Bookmarking sites (Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon) get backlinks plus direct visitors.

    Please note I also have an online Marketing blog called Resty which should help.



    Okay guys, a few more questions:
    I got a call from my hosting company (godaddy) saying my domain is public and people might be able to access my address and phone number, but they can make it private for a fee… Is this something I need to do?

    Also, I already promote new postings on my facebook and twitter, is there a plug in that will automatically post to my pages?

    Another thing…Should I set up a facebook page, or new account solely for my blog?

    I’m thinking about creating some squidoo lenses for free backlinking to my site and extra income…any tips on doing that well? Thanks for the advice, and restyfree, your site is one of my reference sites to make my blog better now. Thanks so much guys!

    Thank you for addding my site as a reference.

    I’m sorry to say I am not a WordPress user (but I might be shortly) so I am not aware of any plug-ins that could do it automatically. I just use Hootsuite.

    Regarding the Facebook page, you can set one up with your existing login details. Go to the Create a Facebook Page page. Once created you can promote this page and also your blog. Here is an article that helped me.

    Unfortunately, while I have a Squidoo account, I’ve not had the time to learn how it works with lenses etc. So again sorry I can’t help here. But basically bookmarking your blog on as many different Social Sites is a good thing, it can just be a bit time consuming and confusing trying to remember all the sites you have signed up to. I think Squidoo is a good site though.

    you can pay godaddy to do the privacy thing for your’s entirely up to you. However, if someone does a website whois lookup on your site, it will tell them your personal information..just your name/address and phone number. Basically, what your registration data when you purchased the website domain. I just looked yours up and it told me your name, email addy, registration date, etc.

    I pay for it on mine because i don’t want to be spammed to death….and frankly, if someone wants to stalk me, i don’t want them having an easy time of it.

    For facebook, if you have your own profile, it’s really easy to setup a page for it. (facebook doesn’t want businesses to create individual profiles for websites/etc). There are some plugins that will allow you to publish your posts right over to your facebook page. It’ll be a link like this: (totally not trying to spam my website, just giving an example). You can have it display yourself as the featured page owner or have it so it doesn’t show that you are the admin.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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