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  • Can anyone recommend a good plugin for this scenario? I need a site that provides info (let’s say for actors) that lists numerous things including:

    • individuals (name, image, location, contact, bio, their contributions)
    • actor groups (name, image, location, list of their past/upcoming productions)
    • productions (a list of all completed productions with detailed listings)

    Each individual, group, and production should have its own page with a direct sharable link as opposed to a modal type window.

    I don’t need communication between people or groups, no in-site messaging or forums (comments would be nice, however), and not a lot of bells and whistles–just a clean straight-forward site of information that can be searched by any of the above (say, searching for location only).

    Bonus would be easy front-end additions/editing for the non-techies who want to add their info. Having them sign up/in first is OK. And the site needs to be relatively easily maintained by someone other than the webmaster–in other words, too complex and it probably won’t be maintained as well.

    Is this asking for the world, or do you think there is a good fit for this? I’m sure many have done this before me, so I would like to rely on your experience.

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    I’m going with Pods for now. It may be the all-in-one solution I need. I’m still open to ideas. Also, moderator, what was modified in my original post? Thanks!

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