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    I’m in the process of re-designing a site for a client who is an auto mechanic.

    I’ve decided to try using WordPress as a CMS for him, because he needs to be able to quickly post and delete new cars for sale, as well as used car parts, and wordpress should be easy for him to use, as he is not super computer savvy.

    So, I’m looking for some helpful advice/tips. I understand that there’s some tweaking involved, but perhaps someone who’s already done something similar to this can save me from making some obvious mistakes.

    I’m thinking of using the semiologic theme/cms plugin as well as the semiologic static front page plugin. I would create my own theme for the site.

    Basically what I need is this:

    1. Static home page with links to other static pages. i.e. about us, contact, service etc.

    2. The ‘Cars for Sale’ and ‘Parts for Sale’ would be the two ‘Categories’ for posts. I’d like to have those on the ‘home.php’ page, as well as all of the other pages.

    What I’d like to show is the individual links to Cars and Parts by title, like, ‘1993 Jaguar v12’ for example, rather than showing a link for ‘Cars for Sale’ with (number) posts showing.

    Partly I’d like this because it would help with search engine placement, partly because it’s just really important that they be easy to see and access anywhere in the site.

    They are also not really chronological, in the sense that they don’t need to be archived like a blog post, not really sure if that will be a problem or not… Perhaps I can simply take out the ‘Archived’ section code.

    3. I’d like to disable ‘comments’ for the posts, as those are not really applicable here, as in this site a post is simply an advertisement for a car or part.

    4. The other essential feature is that I need a good plugin that will allow my client to upload images of cars, that can be ‘posted’ as a basic gallery, as in 5-6 thumbs of cars that will pop up the pic when hovered over, or something to that effect.

    Any help on this is greatly appreciated!


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  • MichaelH


    See this thread:

    Click on the CMS Tag at the top of this topic or click on this:



    I suggest finding another package… WP can and will do all those things if you sink enough work into it, but why bother? Go with something better suited to your needs (Joomla?).



    FWIW, at this point, i would not consider Joomla for any serious project. The latest release 1.0.11 is particularly buggy and has caused numerous servers to crash. The long awaited and upcoming 1.5 release doesn’t have a stable release date planned, and there is no upgrade path (so you won’t be able to go from 1.0.x to 1.5. Further, the 2.x releases will also not allow going from 1.0.x and 1.5.

    Don’t get me wrong, joomla is a good system, I use it on several sites I run (heck, I used to be on the Core team). But for a new project of that span, I would not consider using Joomla at this point.

    The fact is, any system selected for this project will need significant work done. For instance, joomla “as is” won’t let you do the image thing you want. Nor does WP, Mambo, Drupal or any number of others.

    I do think that with relatively minimal work you can achieve a good result for your goal using WP, and I’d look at integrating Gallery2 as the photo gallery system. There is a plugin that does the integration for you. I haven’t used it but by all accounts it’s very solid.



    Have to agree with vavroom: except the imgae/gallery part the rest can be done with WP with minimal tweak.
    A combination of Pages, categories with Category Templates would do the trick.

    When doing a search for such a topic, everyone tends to say, “sure it can be done” but that is as far as it gets. Any real advice available possibly from those who have done simular things? Not to rag on WP here, especially because a CMS is not what it was intended for, but if your looking to try another solution… I would suggest Expression Engine. You can do this, out of the box sort of speak, in about 5 minutes…. no “loop” no “plugins” no hours on forums and messing with PHP.

    Try my CSM theme (with explanation) and have a look at this

    Such a shame there is plenty of visitors from here but hardly any comments of replies if it’s useful.

    Quite an old thread but here we go anyway:


    IMHO all the questions in this topic are answered in other posts or the WordPress docs.

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