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  • Hi all,

    My website for work

    I have two questions I’d like some advice on please with regards to this link:

    1) This is for ‘future exhibitions’ of an art gallery. I was hoping to use pages, but tried posts and this seems to be working well (as I wanted each event to be a separate thing and I couldn’t get pages to list under each other (at least, not without having to go down the path of hacks etc) so I’ve used ‘posts under a categories’ (category called ‘future exhibitions’ – is this a good way to go?

    2) The url of the category is “/category/future-exhibitions/” I would like each individual exhibition when clicked to go to /future-exhibitions/(enter exhibition title here) but when clicked they go to a base name here) Not a big deal, but anyway to address this?

    3) The default menu for the category link above goes to ‘contact us’ on the right hand side, and I would like this to be the ‘Art Gallery’ side menu that appears when you click on the title of each individual exhibition. Can I change the side menu from what appears to be the default for a category? I use custom side-bars, but don’t appear to be able to change the side menu for a category?

    Many thanks to all for your time.


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  • 1. don’t see why not, that way you list all posts in 1 category, which are all your galleries

    2. you could use Yoast’s breadcrumbs plugin (which is included in his popular SEO plugin). There you can include a category as path.

    3. don’t quite understand your question I think…

    Thank you Beee, I’ll look at Yoast’s breadcrumbs plugin – I already use his SEO plugin which is great.

    Just on item number 3, if you visit this page below, you can see that the side menu on the right displays the menu items for ‘Contact Us’. I don’t want the menu here to be this one, but want the menu items for the art gallery to be displayed instead, but am unsure how to change it from this:

    AFAIK this is a paid template, which is not supported on these forums.

    But my best guess to solve this is, go to Appearrance > menus
    Create a new menu and include that through a widget in the sidebar.

    Good luck.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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