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    I have a general question about themes and templates, what’s best to do. I hope this is the right place to ask.

    I started looking into WordPress a month ago to see if I want to rebuild my website in WordPress, coming from Weebly.
    So far I have setup a local environment with xampp, WordPress, Elementor free and Catch Evolution theme free.
    Catch Evolution looked quite like the theme I have been using in Weebly, Elementor looked like an easy to use drag and drop editor.

    I have been able to modify style.css with little over 40 edits in such a way that the test website looks very similar to the live site.

    Now I want to start building pages. I have eight main pages and four of them have multiple sub pages.
    I want all the main pages to have a different header image. The sub pages will have the same header image as the main pages they belong to.

    Being new to the WordPress developing environment, I kind of get lost in where the border is between themes and builders.
    I am quite sure that with the environment I have now I cannot change the header image without changing it for all pages, as happens now when I look around in Catch Evolution.
    Looking around in Elementor, I notice that I can only edit everything below the menu.

    My question is:
    Where should I go for a pro version to enable creating pages with different header images?
    Elementor builder or Catch Evolution theme?

    Maybe some more things to take into consideration: I want to add some SEO settings like page description and keywords, and also add the Google Analytics script to every page.

    I have a non-commercial website without ads, so it would be nice to keep costs as low as possible and not buy every plugin that could add some functionality.

    Thanks in advance and kind regards,

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  • There are literally thousands of free themes and plugins available to use.
    If the theme you started with does not do everything you want, switch to a different one. Eventually, you can learn the WordPress way enough to make a child theme, which is a simple way to use a theme you like but encapsulate some changes to it in files that won’t be overwritten when the parent theme is updated.
    Many themes use the featured image of a page or post as the header image, or you can find a plugin to do header images the way you prefer.

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    Though I had a different question, the last part (find a plugin to do header images) pointed me in the right direction.
    With WordPress I need to think more in additional plugins to arrange things than all inclusive plugins like a theme or a builder.
    So I went looking for change page header plugins, found one, and now I can change the header image for every single page.

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