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    The Advanced Gutenberg Tabs functionality has been mostly working fine on my site, but I have seen at least twice the tabs on some pages that use them become corrupted. I have no idea why the tabs block becomes corrupted only on some pages, but I have seen two general results:

    • The tabs no longer show as tabs, but rather an unordered list, with bullets next to each tab.
    • The tabs block displays fine on the front end, but when viewed in the editor, there is a message on the block which says that unexpected or corrupted information was found in the block

    When the tab block itself has become corrupted (second case above_, I have sometimes been able to use the “Attempt Block Recovery” option in the three-dot menu at the right of the flock control, but have had to rebuild the blocks once

    I have not found a solution for the first case above except to rebuild the tabs.

    A page showing the first condition (functionality on front end okay but shows styling problems, not fully working in editor):

    When I view this page in the editing area, I see a bulleted list of items with some of the styling required for tabs ( displayed next to each other rather than a vertical list) but when clicked do not allow the editing of the content within that tab.

    The pages on which these tabs appear are edited by the page owner themselves, so it’s likely that they are using a variety of browsers, on Mac and PC. I have not found any correlation with recent edits by the page owner, however.

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    BTW, although some of the functionality of the tabs is still in place, the tabs block on the page link submitted has been changed somehow to a “Classic Paragraph” block. I don’t see any way to convert it back to an adv-gb-tabs block.

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    Hi @robertvidrine,
    please try updating Advanced Gutenberg.




    Thanks for the reply. HOwever, it appears that I have the most recent version of ADVGB (2.4.3). I can download the latest version of ADVGB and upload it again to my site if you think I should force a reinstallation of the files.

    Or, is there something else you mean?


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    This frontend issue was fixed in 2.4.3. Clear WordPress cache. Also clear cache at server level if is the case.

    About corrupted blocks, please share the HTML. You need to switch to Code editor first and send it through our contact page: https://advancedgutenberg.com/ – Include the link of this support topic as reference.

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