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    I installed your plugin on my website.
    It is pretty cool and useful plugin.

    However, I was shocked to find that an advertisement opens when I click the close button of the popup.

    This is a cheap trick.
    I was forced to deinstall the plugin for this.

    Do you plan to remove this advertisements from your plugin in near future???


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  • Hello,

    This is urgent.

    Even after removing your plugin from my website, I am getting your advertisement on clicking on any blank space of my website.

    I need an immediate response to this situation.

    This is a virus.

    Plugin Author MB Creation


    Hi satyaki,

    There are no malware or any kind or advertisement in my plugin.
    I think you have malware on your webserver. Plenty of wordpress sites have been hacked recently with compromise javascript.

    Do you have an url i can look at ?



    Thanks for reverting back.
    This thing started only after installing the plugin.
    Whenever I crossed the popup icon a gaming advertisement used to open in another window.

    Now even after removing the plugin and deleting all related files of it, the same game advertisement pops up when visiting my site site and clicking on the background.

    Mine is on a localhost

    The URL of the game advertisement that opened is…………..

    Somehow then the plugin has been affected by the virus which has attached this advertisement.

    I have got it with this plugin.

    Can you remove it?

    I guess you can install the plugin at your website once and see how the advertisement magically appears.


    Please provide a solution.
    Need help on this urgently.

    Thanks to your plugin.
    I have referred it to three of my friends.
    Now all of them are suffering.

    Can you please revert back????

    Plugin Author MB Creation


    Hi satyaki,

    Like i said, there’s nothing in the plugin that can arm your website.
    I’m closing the topic now.
    You can see by yourself here that the code is clean.

    Many WordPress have been hacked these days, but not because of my plugin. Your missing something in your website.


    Your plugin java script host backdoor.
    It is a mistake from your side that is costing me heavy.
    I am guessing that it is a mistake.
    I am checking with the issue with experts and will update here.


    First of all it is my bad and I apologize for all the confusions created.
    Incidentally I was using ‘CPM Fun’ advertising (so called) network.

    It is a rogue network which automatically employs popup advertisements as soon as it detects the presence of any popup plugins at the website.

    Unfortunately, CPM Fun triggered the avalanche of popup advertisements as your plugin was turned on.

    Since I am a newbie as I told you earlier also, it was my bad to blame your plugin. I thought the plugin was to blame as the advertisements started only after activating it.

    I had to hire professional services and pay them $200 for finding, pin pointing and getting rid of this evil ‘CPM Fun’ advertisement scam. It is a disguised hacking system scam that you install willingly in your website.

    The best part is, this CPM Fun ad network has so far shown that I have an earning of $ 0.04 in the past couple of months. and I paid $ 200 to get rid of them. Good learning.

    Sorry again for the goof up. I liked your plugin as one of the best in its segment. You have nothing to do with the rogue advertisements.

    I have put a 5 star rating for your plugin and plan to recommend your plugin to my friends and colleagues.

    Also do please close the topic by all means.

    Plugin Author MB Creation


    Apologies accepted !
    Thank you for the rating 🙂

    I rest in peace as the wrong doing by me is reversed.

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