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  • Theme Author Matt van Andel


    Hi ilovelucca,

    Image uploads are handled entirely by WordPress. Chances are that there’s either something wrong with your WordPress install (not likely, but still possible), or your server has very restrictive upload settings (most likely).

    Are you getting any specific error messages when you try to upload media? What exactly happens when you try? Can you write out a detailed example?


    In order to upload images, WordPress makes use of PHP features that some servers place very strict limits on – like file uploads and script execution time. The first and easiest thing to check this is to look at the bottom of the Media > Add New screen of your WordPress admin. You will see a little piece of text like “Maximum upload file size: 1MB.”

    If the images you are trying to upload are bigger than that size, you’ve found the problem. If not, then I’d next try contacting your hosting service to find out if there are any upload restrictions in place.

    hi matt,
    thanks for that.
    basically i click on the media button and it just does nothing. It is the same when I try to add a link in, use the feature image, or add categories. It is like i have done nothing. I have had to copy and paste my blog post with piccys from another document.

    the other thing i noticed too was that i tried to update the wordpress version i have and it says i have the latest version but the latest version is 3.4.2? when i have spoken to my domain hoster, they are useless basically…

    i liked weaver 2 but the theme tells me i need the new version of wordpress but the system says i have it? and when i try to upload it or reinstall, it does nothing…

    so i am stuck reallY…

    its not major but annoying…
    Can i change the font in adventure journal> or the width if i purchase the custom design>

    many many many kiwi thanks!!

    Theme Author Matt van Andel


    Ok, that narrows things down. If the Media button is doing nothing at all, then it’s a problem with the Javascript. That usually means there’s a plugin injecting some bad Javascript into the page (one piece of bad javascript will halt all Javascript on the page).

    Now, that said, it sounds like you might have other problems. Before we do any other troubleshooting, though, here’s what you should do first…

    Start by disabling ALL your plugins. Turn them all off.

    With all the plugins disabled, see if Media button starts working again. If it’s fixed, start re-activating plugins one at a time, testing the Media button each time you re-activate a plugin. Depending on how many plugins you have, this can be tedious, but it’s the ONLY way to narrow down what’s causing the problem.

    If it’s still broken, then disable Adventure Journal by setting your theme to TwentyEleven. If that fixes it, let me know and I can try figure out what part of AJ is causing it.

    If the Media button is still broken after all that, then WordPress is corrupt and we can go from there.

    i will give it a whirl over the weekend and let you know…

    hi there
    it was wordpress seo plug in that was doing it…
    the last one, of course!!
    all the other problems are fixed now too…

    thank you soooooo much!!

    am i able to make the width of the page wider?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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