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  • Great theme this! After creating a child theme and finding some its style.css ignored, I went back in and added the location to the:

    Appearance > Adventure Journal

    page in the Custom Stylesheet location box. It is there, I verified the path and online presence. However, every time I save it I get this error:

    Notice: File does not exist! (http://domain/path/wp-content/themes/custom/style.css)

    To the developers: Is this a bug? The site works fine but I’m just missing the granularity of control I’d like. I tried the above without the file name – just the path – same result.

    My issues with some of my child css getting ignored could be my own css – but the file/error message I know I’ve got right and Adventure Journal has wrong so I thought I’d let you know.

    FYI: This is Adventure Journal 1.4.1 – not upgraded to 1.5.1 yet.

    Thanks for a great theme!

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  • I’ve never encountered any bugs with the css override tool… but you never know what might crop up with all the different PHP configurations out there.

    Here’s what I’d try… verify that the file exists at the URL the error message is reporting. For instance, if you paste http://domain/path/wp-content/themes/custom/style.css into your browser, does the CSS file come up? If you get a 404, then the error is correct and it cant find the file at that location. To fix it, you just have to ensure the file is somewhere in the WordPress directory, and provide a correct path to it.

    Based on the example URL provided, this is where the theme is looking:

    1. Site root /
    2. The directory where WordPress is installed (WP not installed at site root)
    3. wp-content/themes/
    4. a theme directory called “custom”
    5. A file called style.css

    Is that correct?

    Thank you for your theme and reply. I mentioned in the first post that I did indeed verify that the file is at the correct url online (pasted it in, etc.)

    Could be a php issue – still on 4. Not a problem – as stated – other than fine tuning the css via my child theme, which I believe is my own issue, (some working some not), overall things are working okay.

    FYI: WP is not installed in the root (hence the path example given). custom is the theme child directory.

    Sincere thanks for the effort at help!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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