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  • There’s already something going on with the above mentioned plugin in regards to JSON_API, but for those stuck with an old version of ACF (<4) who need to write ACF-fields (eg. i am collecting a json-feed from several sources ) … well i’ve got a dirty solution:

    edit the post.php of JSON_API (/models/post.php) ~line 113

    if (isset($wp_values['ID'])) {
          $this->id = wp_update_post($wp_values);
        } else {
          $this->id = wp_insert_post($wp_values);
    + if (isset($values['fields'])) {
    +    	// add custom fields
    +    	foreach ($values["fields"] as $metakey => $metavalue) {
    +    		update_post_meta($this->id, $metakey, $metavalue);
    +    	}
    +	 }

    that should do the work.

    if someone knows a better way to do that, maybe extending the class or something like that, feel free to correct me here.

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