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  • My question and feature request revolves around the lack of a good permalink structure for CUSTOM POST TYPES and TAXONOMIES.

    In my world, the only way to have a permalink structure is the one that completely reflects that of the content. WP sadly, does not support this basic functionality YET.

    I love WP and its easy to use and to extend. But when the basic functionalities are not there, you find yourself in a dark place.

    For example:

    I have a blog. Everything works fine there. My link-structure is: / blog / category / sub-category / post-title /


    But then we also have a nice little plugin installed called WooCommerce (or any plugin using Custom post types). The structure for this is not at all as good as the normal WP blog structure. This is due to the lack of variables, like the %category% expression, in the permalink structure for CPTs (Custom Post Types), wich is involved in Almost all plugin-structures that use other types of posts, like “Products” for example.

    Instead, the only link that seems possible to get is: / products / post-title /

    (“products” is the slug of the custom post type)

    WHY can we not get the whole url-structure? Like this: / products/ product-category-1 / product-sub-category / post-title /

    This would not be a far stretch to me. In fact. Its strange that we cant handle URLs better in WP as it is. I know that it is a big system with lots of details. But FIRST THINGS FIRST. First you take care of the structure – THEN THE VIDEOS. Please.

    I also use a plugin called TYPES. It´s purpose is to create and manage new Custom Post Types and Taxonomies, like tags and categories. But sadly, not even their WP-savvy gang of support artists can pull off the url-structure above, not even with their advanced plugin.

    So there we are. Hope to se a full URL Structure editor or at least a new way to customize taxonomies in links in the future. WP NEEDS IT TO BECOME A REAL CMS!

    /Anders, AEPhotos

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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