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  • I am currently quoting on building a WordPress site for a not-for-profit organisation. As part of this website they will be collecting donations, which I am planning on running through PayPal and is not an issue. The issue I do have is that they also want visitors to be able to register to the site, gain their own profile and the ability to collect donations individually.

    All of the donations will be going to the same place (i.e. the nfp), however they want users to be able to see how much many each person has raised.

    An example of this is Everyday Hero, which is a service that is pretty much identical to what they are asking for.

    My client does not want to use Everyday Hero for some reason, possibly because of the fees they take out of the donations.

    I have looked through the donation related plugins I could find, and while they all look great I don’t think any of them are capable of doing what I need.

    This is the first donation based site I have built so I wanted a bit of advice on how to approach this aspect. If there are any plugins that anyone knows of that will do what I need, or if anyone has any suggestions on how to approach the situation if I need to build it myself.


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