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  • I’m looking for a plug-in or way to have advanced user management that will allow these specific abilities:

    –Limiting Posts to a Certain Category or Categories for Certain Users (i.e. users in Marketing can post but must be in Marketing or Advertising category)
    –Requiring New Pages to Have a Certain Parent page for certain users (i.e. users in Marketing must create new pages under Marketing main page or one of its sub pages)
    –Users only being able to update pages in their Page section (i.e. all Marketing users can only update Marketing pages, whether they created them or not, but not other Department pages)
    –A way to arrange Media (so that if 20 different people are uploading files, it’s not crazy), preferably organized by department.

    I guess it may be more than one plug-in but just trying to get my mind around a way to do this. Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions.

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