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  1. bsousa
    Posted 7 years ago #


    I'm trying to demonstrate in my company, that open-source projects can be as good or better than comercial products.
    So i have an installation of wordpress, but now i need to get some advanced user permissions set up.
    What i want is :
    - i need to have a user that can create any kind of categories,articles,pages
    - i need to setup up a administrator for each departament in the company, and that user can only manage the categories,articles,pages whithin that departament

    For example let's assume ACME Co with 2 departments :
    - Finance
    - Marketing

    The administrator will create 2 categories of pages , the Finance and Marketing. In each categorie this administrator will be able to create any sort of sub-categories,articles,pages.
    The category Finance will have an administrator that will be able to create any sort of sub-categories,articles,pages but in Finance category only, and the same applies for the Marketing.

    I hope i made myself clear, and thanks for your time and support.

    Best regards,
    Bruno Sousa

  2. edgarsso
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hello Bruno,

    I believe this is the answer to your question. I hope you are familiar with WordPress... if you are then you already now how to install plugins and test them. Anyway, today I ran into this plugin that links users to categories.

    Here it is:
    Install it and see what happens.

    Hope it help!

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