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  • Heya,
    Seeing I run all my sites on WordPress, and none of them are ever really finished, I was wondering if it was possible to edit the “Theme Editor” function with a more advanced editor. Something with code/mark-up functionality and such.
    Does anyone know of such plugin?

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  • Usually unless you’re just doing minor changes it’s best to use an offline editor; notepad ++ is a nice one. Then just upload the files back to the server. It much safer that way.

    Yeah I know, but I do allot of minor changes (mostly for sidebar content etc) on a daily basis, and I was hoping there was somekind of advanced editor for the Theme Editor, seeing there also is one for writing posts.

    I’m not aware of one. Not to say that there isn’t one out there.

    Bump on this one, I’d like color-coding, line-numbers and keyboard-tab-capture behavior in the theme editor (Admin > Themes > Theme Editor). With my site being on a non-local host now, theme tweaks are more important than ever from the admin section.. and it’s a pain to try and find your place again and again after making an edit midway down the css sheet or to try and use the browser’s ‘find’ feature to locate a specific bit of text in the code being edited.

    My greatest pet peeve? Trying to use Tab to insert a 5-7 space indentation in the code, and finding my browser focus has been sent to the next element in the page (classic keyboard shortcut in a browser.)

    Still.. Nice being able to edit straight in the browser! Ditto on that plugin/hack thing.. anyone know of any?

    Nice being able to edit straight in the browser!

    No, it’s not. Every second user doing that leaves their files world writable (chmod 666) and after a week they come back crying about being hacked.
    Every pro blogger edits the theme files offline on their computer in a decent editor.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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