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  • Resolved arathra


    I have the Advanced Targeting Conditions premium plugin version 1.0.3 which has an expired licence. On your FAQ it says that the popups will still work if the licence has expired. But it doesn’t, in my case.

    I can set the conditions fine (e.g. if user is certain role) but then when I save the popup the condition disappears. Whenever I add a condition it won’t save, in other words.

    How can I save the condition?

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  • Plugin Author danieliser


    @arathra – Thanks for the question. OK so the FAQ you eluded to regards to whether we disable functionality when you let your license expire. The answer is and always will be no, our licenses are for support & updates only. The functionality coded into any extension will 100% continue running after.

    That said there is no guarantee that our plugins won’t change or evolve over time which can cause things to stop working.

    Ex. Your using v1.0.3 of the extension which is currently at v1.4.5. The version you are currently running likely would have worked up until the Popup Maker core plugin was updated to use a new condition system that was more flexible & extendable that our old ones.

    We updated in stages, so when we make changes (in this case to how conditions are done & data is saved), we leave the old methods in place for several major version updates (1.4, 1.5, 1.6 etc) to not break extensions.

    Second we update each extension as needed to keep it compatible, only after all extensions have been updated for a while, do we then remove the older (deprecated) functionality, this usually doesn’t occur for 18+ months.

    So in your case you have continued to update the core plugin which has changed greatly since 4 years ago when your version of the extension was released. You can either downgrade your version of the core plugin to one that works with the extension, or update the extension to the latest version.

    This is really no different than WordPress itself, WP constantly changes, adds new functions, removes old ones etc.

    All in all though, updates, optimization & evolution are necessary to keep the plugin useful, performant and to help users solve their ever expanding list of use cases. In this specific case the old version of Advanced Targeting is maybe 10% as capable as the current version. In the newest version you can combine core free conditions with advanced ones, use AND/OR grouping, check for NOT (!) on a condition etc. Further the latest version of the extension probably has 20+ new conditions you don’t have in the current.

    Hope that helps. If your issue is resolved please take a moment to rate and review the plugin or support.

    If you still need help please message us directly at

    Er… the extension I’m using is 4 years old! Ha ha – I guess it’s time to upgrade it.

    Thanks for the comprehensive answer!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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