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  • Glad i am not the only one missing those.

    This is totally Insane, Advanced Table Options were the only way to make some beautiful tables.

    Believe me I have tried tons of plugins easytable, tablepress, advanced tinymce nothing seems to be be even close.. 🙁 I am screwed…

    Well, many people today seem to use css for tables, and basically it is not that hard to make them with raw html but it was simply a lot easier and faster to make with the advanced table options.

    Its a hassle that it was removed and replaced with the current table options. Currently i just copy my older empty tables formats into a wordpad so i can just copy and paste them into a wp post but hope the old table options will be back with all their borders /colors etc options.

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    This is a change in TinyMCE ‘table’ plugin. If it gets the background color and border color options back, I’ll update this plugin to include it straight away 🙂

    Using CSS to style the tables is a better option. It’s not that hard and many themes include some styling for tables by default.

    PLEASE PLEASE bring these features back.
    My clients don’t know how to write css or html. And styling tables in a theme doesn’t work if you want some tables to look different from others, some cells to look different from other.

    The main reason I use this plugin is for the table function.

    I hope this gets fixed soon.

    Here, I am my own client and my CSS & HTML aren’t that good (yet).

    Why would the TinyMce people simply not re-code advanced table features for 4+ versions.

    I mean isn’t that being really daft and ignorant, as a serious business you will research analyze do a CBA and then bring forth any changes whatsoever.

    I don’t think the TinyMce people did a alot of that 🙁


    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    Most of the code in TinyMCE 4.0 was completely rewritten which, I’m sure, was a lot of work. I’m also pretty sure some of the advanced features will come back.

    I do use css to style tables, but I don’t want my users to have to go to the text editor to apply the styles. With previous versions I could apply and remove a class on a table, table row or table cell using the buttons. I could also style other elements with the styles menu, using the theme_advanced_styles option. Now I can’t do either. As far as I can see the nearest thing is to use the Formats menu, with the option “Load the CSS classes used in editor-style.css and replace the Styles[sic] sub-menu.” ticked. That only half works, however:

    1. It doesn’t allow me to remove a class
    2. It is awkward to select a row or cell to apply the class to
    3. It doesn’t find all the classes in the editor-style.css. For example my editor style has a definition like “table.programme td.progdate” and it doesn’t find the class progdate.

    This whole “upgrade” to WP 3.9 is dreadful – you really should not remove features like this. Have you any idea how much users’ time you are wasting?

    Not sure why you guys would completely redo the interface and do away with the features that made your plugin unique, but I do know I am again looking for an editor plugin that works as yours once did. I can only imagine the number of others that are doing the same.

    Why fix what ain’t broke?

    This is the kind of crassness that haunts WordPress and its plugins. Why even HAVE a table plugin if you have no controls for such simple things as table row background colour. If I’m using a ‘quick’ insert from a button I’m not wanting to muck about with CSS. I want to click the button and make a simple table with control over colours, borders etc.
    This is not an upgrade. It’s a downgrade. And that’s only the first thing I looked at. I wonder what other functionality has disappeared?

    ^^ yup.

    Its the worst update i have seen since i use wordpress (2011)

    Was able to build up a site seen by some thousand people every day alone with only a few html knowledge thanks to the easy interface of wp and really awesdome plugins like the simple and still flawless tinymce advanced.

    Now half of the options which helped me to create articles, with galleries and tables are gone or over-complicated to use without copy-pasting already existing older tables or learning how they work.

    I asked before but got no answer…why were so many options removed in the first place? Whats the sense behind it?

    OK ! So I am not alone..

    There are many of us who think alike.. One thing I know for a fact that its not the plugin makers they don’t control TinyMce technology.

    TinyMce people thought of doing so in version 4.0 and I guess the plugin owners Ultimate TinyMce & TinyMce Advanced both just have to follow these changes. No choice.

    Hope the advanced tables come back asap.


    I agree. It is a terrible update.

    I miss the advanced options of the links

    There is other things that are missing as well i.e.: font, font size, letter colour, highlight colour. Perhaps it was not a good idea to merge TinyMCE with the WP Core files.


    Thanks for the update to 4.0.2

    Please, is there any possibility of getting back the feature to set the css classes on the table, row and cell? I find those really useful. It would be really helpful to know whether you are going to be able to provide these.

    Thank you


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