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    I have searched a lot for this problem but found no solution yet maybe I have missed some term because this issue is a very main & common.

    Let me explain my issue with a scenario:
    I have a clothing store, we get clothes in a bundle of 10 meters each but we sell it as a suit (Each suit can be of 1 meter) 1×10

    When the cloth comes to our store we should add 10 meters from backend and it automatically converts it to 10 suits. People will buy suits and on the backend, our inventory will be decreased in meters.

    and it should work automatically like some suits are of 2.5 meters so when we add 10 meters so it should automatically convert it to 4 suits.

    similar to a pharmacy may have a pack of the medicine. each pack contains 10 pills and when we add total 4 packs on backend it should automatically convert it to 40 pills because in India medicine is entered in the pack but sold in smaller unit of pills.

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  • Plugin Support abwaita


    Hi @noumanjaffar,

    This is a complex one, so I’ll leave it open for a while for others to chime in with their insights.

    From my perspective, wouldn’t it be easier to enter the stock directly in the same units that the buyer purchases in?
    That is, if you have 10M of cloth and you know it equals 10 suits, it seems much simpler for you to enter the stock in ‘suits’ rather than meters.

    On the other hand, if you wish the buyer to purchase meters of cloth, you might want to use plugins such as Measurement Price Calculator.

    The nature of the conversion of units required with your preferred set up calls for some customizations and you’d be best-suited checking with a developer or the WooCommerce Customizations experts if you opt to go that route.

    Plugin Support abwaita


    Hi @noumanjaffar,

    Seems that there have not been other insights here.

    Therefore, I suggest that you give a try to the methods I’d shared with you earlier.

    I’ll go ahead and mark this thread as resolved for the general health of the forums.

    However, please feel free to create a new thread and post any questions.

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