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  • So i took a look on MB Relationships plugin, but i have a big problem with those selects.

    I have a post type called “serie” and a post type called “episode”
    The problem is that, i have 10k+ series and 200k+ episodes

    1 serie has many episodes (up to 2k)
    1 episode has 1 serie (but on select i see all 10k)

    I saw this post:

    but i can’t understand if that code will work for relationship advanded selects, and where i need to put that code?

    It would be nice that select-advanced had an options that forces user to type something, and then ajax will query DB to find the custom post that matches the search.

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  • Plugin Author Anh Tran



    At the moment, the box for relationships is fixed and there’s no way to add extra code to that.

    Regarding making ajax for select_advanced field, I did start working on this, but haven’t finished yet. There’s some difficulty that pulls me back. I’ll try to figure out a way to handle that.

    Well, having ajax for select-advanced would really help the loading times for backend.

    But i think pagination is a must.

    Example: 1 serie has 900 episodes, on baceknd you will see 900 selects, it would be nice to have the options to set pagination size, for example 10 items per page, and when user click page “2” it will load the next 10 selects.

    There is some change of seeing this on future?

    Or maybe some way to manage a database with 10-20k series, and 1k episodes per series.

    I have a relation from episode to serie.
    1 series has many episodes, 1 episode has 1 serie.

    For example onepiece anime has 880 episodes now, naruto maybe 600, immagine to enter inside that serie, and trying to add a new episode, when a select will load not only onepiece episodes, but also naruto and other series episodes.

    Maybe i am doing something wrong, let me know please

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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