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  • Hi

    I intend to build a wordpress powered site with several band portraits.
    Every Band has some short description and information about the region where they come from and their music genres.

    The frontpage then shows a search form
    which should include the following (actually quite simple) features:

    • Search field to search bands by keywords
    • Dropdown list to search pages by e.g. location/region
    • Dropdown list to search pages by the music genre

    I was wondering if this is simple to accomplish.

    One difficult point I could imagine is, that I really only want the bands displayed which have ‘indie’ listed in there music genre information and not if in band’s description a sentence says:
    ‘This band plays everything else than indie rock.’

    I hope somebody can point at some nice plugins, or examples how to get the wanted result.

    Can I do this with ‘tags’ in wordpress, or where should I put the extra information like the region or the genre.

    Thanks already for hints.


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