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  • I am wondering why the plugin section on has no advanced filtering options, that allow you to filter on rating, compatibility and ‘last updated’.

    I think this would be great anyway, to make searching plugins more direct. But it might also stimulate plugin developers to update more frequently, if they know that people will filter out their plugin when it has not been updated for let’s say 6 months or longer.

    Can anyone of the WordPress developers have a look at this idea? Would be great, thanks.

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  • I agree.

    Searching is really time consuming especially since someone decided the “visual” interface was the only one available (sorry, I like to read as opposed to watch videos, so I did like having a choice in interface before you forced the masonry style on us).

    It’s also very hard to understand why we can’t search by “highest rated” or “most downloaded” or “new arrivals”.

    This is exactly what I wanted to ask.
    A fitting option for the main site of WordPress.

    After seeing this post, I thought creating a site to search WordPress plugins would make a nice side project. Just launched It allows you to filter by rating, compatibility and last updated. Feedback is welcome.

    A big THANK YOU for creating! I’ll be glad to share the URL to that one, it’s making a great service to webmasters!

    Thanks, and your welcome! Be sure to use without the ‘s’ :).

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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