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  • Hi!

    I’m in the process of starting a shop selling products with some special requriements:
    1) they have a some attributes that needs to be searchable in a structured manner
    2) the product variants might be very different and we need to show them with pictures instead of just a dropdown..

    The main question is if I can use WooCommerce (which I prefer because it’s seems simple) or I need to look at more complex systems or a custom shop.. I will know if you can help by answering 2 question regarding the above:

    The Questions:
    1) Can you (easily?) add some custom attributes/fields/whatever to products? E.g. Materiel, Quality and Strength and type or select values for these. (Whats the “official” name for this feature btw?) And can these be reused across chosen products?
    (Because if both are YES then I believe it should be possible to hire somebody to make an advanced search feature showing the options in a dropdown and search using this..)

    2) The product variants should be shown with pictures right away (not just showing a new picture when choosing in a dropdown). E.g. something like this:
    Can this be done in WooCommerce? (Perhaps with some special coding.) Or are there reasons why this might be impossible?

    Please bear with me as I’m new to WooCommerce – and have never even used WordPress for anything but basic blogs and websites – and hence have no idea how to do custom things..! Any advice and pointers are very much appreciated! THANK YOU!

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  • Answers;
    Q1a – yes
    Q1b – yes

    Q2 – I’m fairly sure you can, but you need to use one of the WooCommerce additional plugins. I think that a3rev do one, but you’d need to check.


    Thanks, Chris!
    Q1: Great! Whats the official name for this feature btw?
    Q2: Thanks for the tip! a3rev did have this:
    – but it’s only for showing relevant variant pictures – not for selecting variants by clicking a picture. But your guess is that it would be possible, right?

    Thank you again!

    Q1 – As well as using the various variants for the products, you also have the use of the standard categories and tags, which you can use.

    Q2 – If the a3rev one doesn’t fit the bill, just search for WooCommerce in the plugins, or try some of the gallery options.

    Good Luck!

    Thank you!
    Can I possibly talk you into one more (last) answer? 🙂

    Q1: We need to input something for each of these attributes. E.g. for a particular product it might be:
    Materiel = “wool”, Quality = “qu1” , Strength = “average”.
    This should be shown on the product page like some sort of extra description. (And be used in the advanced search to be developed.) But it should not be shown in a dropdown or anything selectable as a variant.
    So I guess that categories, tags and variants are not useable for this? Is there any other build-in way – like “custom fields” or something?

    Thank you for your help – it is really appreciated!


    There are plenty of custom fields that I’ve not even looked at which you can input for each product. Alternatively, you could use the Tags for those options.

    It’s a real shame that WooCommerce only help those who pay, despite them making their shop free to download & use.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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