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  • I’ve developed a plugin for my current employer that allows us to add advanced filtering of product categories in the sidebar area. It is similar to the google shopping sidebar, or any advanced filter that you’d see on an e-commerce site. ex: Ebay,, Amazon… This plugin will allow you to build your own advanced product filters.

    For each category, we can ping the products for attributes and custom fields, and then generate an appropriate sidebar based upon the product set. We currently have code for dual sliders(min/max range), checkboxes, and nested menus that activate on a mouse click. This allows customers to filter the product set by price, dimensions, brands, colors, sizes, special features, and other properties. The filter loads results via ajax.

    On the admin side, the filters are fully customizable with a drag and drop interface. It also provides statistics for each category, helping to complete product attributes and custom fields that might be missing.

    I was wondering if anyone else would be interested in these kind of features. Should I develop this into a distributable plugin? How many other people could benefit from this? How much would you be willing to pay for this plugin?

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  • Hey everyone!

    Thank you so much for your interest. I really do want to complete this project. I’ve been slammed the past month, and I don’t see any breaks coming in the near future. I can’t see this happening soon unless I get some collaborators. Consider this a call to any developers out there. I would love to push this all to github and start an open project. Please respond if you would like to be a part of it.

    Here’s a list of working features so far.

    Create custom product filters via drag and drop interface.
    -Create single sliders for zero to x ranges in values
    -Create dual sliders for x to y ranges in values
    -Create checkboxes for lists of values (strings)
    -Create collapsable sub menus for filters( I call them togglenodes )
    -Store multiple versions of filters while setting a single filter as active (allows you to easily revert to old filters or test user response to different versions)

    View attribute and custom field stats per category. (Helps you to see percentages of custom fields and attributes assigned per category, so you can determine what you should and shouldn’t filter by)

    Return results via AJAX

    Works in tandem with search results pages to narrow search by things such as price, color, weight, custom field, etc.

    Caching system that stores numeric ranges for each category to speed up queries. Admins can cron the cache process or run it manually in wp-admin

    Copy and paste entire filters (as serialized arrays) between various categories or wordpress installations.

    There are a few more notable features that I’m forgetting, but this is the majority of the important ones. Please respond to this thread if you are an interested developer.


    Hi Tyguy7,

    That is a nice list of features you have made already, good job.

    I am a fanatic plugin lover and i have made some plugins by my self for WordPress and Woocommerce (price comparison plugin, auto Youtube video for products, review aggregator) and i am interested looking into your project.
    I just made a Github account with the same username as this website, if you want you can send me an invite.

    Hi Tyguy7,
    Could you share your contact info in you are available for development? I may need a similar product.

    Just so you know. I am still tagging this one, so as soon as you are done you will have a custommer. 😉

    I would like to chime in and say that I would still be interested in this and would easily pay more than $100 if it is not tied to WooCommerce only. Faceted search with custom post types would be pretty amazing. Maybe a tie in with Advanced Custom Fields?
    Just throwing stuff out there 😉

    Hi Tyguy7,
    Add one more interested customer, this tool would suit our needs perfectly, and if it was listed at $49 I’d be sure to buy it.

    @Tyguy: I’d be interested in helping — I’m just starting out but I’m a workhorse.

    forgetfuljames [at] mac [dot] com

    I would this in a heartbeat!

    I’m also very interested as a customer for $25 the sigle license.

    Hi Tyguy7 and Jochemdu,

    Do you go forward with this development ?
    Are you ready to deliver your project as a extension widget to woocommerce ?

    If it can boot you, you can find here an additinnal customer … 🙂

    up to you !

    I could absolutely make use of this and could probably contribute to development in a small way. Please let us know if you put it on GitHub.

    I’m also interested in this plugin too (subscribe!)

    I think the Product finder module could be the solution.

    I agree Product Finder seems to fit the need.

    Details here:

    Product finder is a nice improvement, but doesn’t do what I want. I also think it’s overly technical for a lot of users.

    Take a look at the search on ModCloth:

    You start with a keyword, then you can drill down by category and by product attribute (size, color, etc). It’s like a combination of the WooCommerce search feature and the Ajax layered navigation.

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