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  1. yoyopop
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    I'm currently trying to build a site for a music site. On the site it has individual posts for various artists.

    I want to have a voting system so that people can vote for each artist and the vote results will display on the front page with the top however-many artists.

    I've looked at the Democracy plugin but not sure if I can use it for what I want or not.

    - an individual 'vote' link for each artist on their post
    - links back to each artist from the results section (ie: it says 'Beastie Boys' have 50 votes and you can click on their name to go to the post about them)
    - a continuously updating results read-out, so that it shows the results from the previous 7 days (so that the poll changes and there isn't one leader the whole time)

    could anyone shed some light on if this would be possible either with Democracy or with some other plugin / script.

    Thank you in advance.

  2. yoyopop
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    could anyone drop any knowledge on this?


  3. yoyopop
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    any insight would be very helpful. thanks.

  4. yoyopop
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