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  • Hello,

    I get this message in advanced options and I really don’t understand what I’m supposed to do:

    It seems your theme doesn’t support customised styles for the editor. You can create a CSS file named editor-style.css and upload it to your theme’s directory. After that, enable this setting.

    I created this new CSS file, checked the 3 offered options but nothing happens, the file remains empty.

    What are those buttons for: Remove, Import, Export settings – what settings, import from where, export to where…?

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  • Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    Yeah, this is a known problem, will fix it in the next release (should be soon).

    For now: add the “Toolbar Toggle” button to the first row, save settings, go to the Edit Post screen, click that button to show all toolbars, go back to TinyMCE Advanced’s settings screen, remove that button and save.

    hum… OK, did that, can’t see any change and, frankly, don’t well understand what’s all bout.

    All those settings are still chinese for me and a bit more of documented guidance won’t hurt I think.

    I mean, remove, import and export settings for doing what, and what settings? I’m still completely lost in here, sorry.

    Anyhow thanks, this plugin sounds nice and useful but will wait a bit until a more understandable version is published.


    This plugin enables you to add features to the visual editor that WP standard does not have. When you go into the settings, you can drag and drop the buttons in a way that makes sense to you.

    Remove takes you back to the default settings. Export allows you to save your settings in a text file. Import allows you to easily reset the buttons the way you want. This is very valuable to those of us who create websites for clients. I can now import one file and set up the buttons the same across all of my client’s sites. I don’t need to go drag and drop all the buttons around more than one.

    Andrew this feature is awesome and saves me a lot of time – thank you for adding it!

    Plugin Author Andrew Ozz


    WordPress Dev

    Thanks @riomurphy 🙂

    Hoho! That’s something interesting!
    Thanks a lot riomurphy, you should draft the plugin’s guidelines because your explanations are now crystal clear and this is also something I need for my clients – great!

    The confusion, at least for my tiny brain, comes from the fact that those great settings are inside the red box of Advanced Options – which clearly means that they are related to those options only, which I don’t well understand either, and NOT to the settings above this red box.

    Well, well…as far as I’m concerned some clear and basic guidelines would not hurt.

    Thanks a lot to both of you!

    I just notice this has been arranged in latest update – great!
    Thanks a lot, looks fine now.

    I used to be able to put a border around images. How can I do this with this update?

    I have installed this plugin in wordpress twenty-twelve, I tried to insert a picture in Flash but it does not work, preview can not see anything just black screen. And ‘possible to use this plugin for flash images?
    The URL of picture flash is this:

    Thanks if you help me.

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