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  • I’m wondering how I would go about doing some advanced html editing in WordPress 1.5? The default advanced controls that comes with WordPress don’t cut it for me. Or I don’t get the advanced controls when choosing it in the options? Because selecting either simple or advanced have no effect (the write page still stays the same).

    Anyway I was wondering if there are any “custom” built apps to create pages/blogs with and have them upload to your wordpress home online?

    I’m interested in the PC platform. More specifically Windows XP Pro SP2.


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  • I would like to know what advanced editing is. Sounds pretty fancy. 🙂

    Well with advanced html editing. I actually meant a WYSISWG editing.. drag image text to the right of it.. center it nicely horizontally and vertically.. and so on 🙂

    I guess that can’t be achieved with the default page editing in WordPress so that’s why I’m wondering if there’s a “custom” built app for WordPress. Or can I just use Dreamweaver and create a webpage to my hearts content and then copy and paste the html code into WordPress?

    Still I’m wondering what’s the difference between simple and advanced controls in the options because I don’t see any difference between them.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    pcw – scroll down in each screen.

    and WYSIWYG ? A search should turn a plugin or two up.

    Advanced ? And there I am schlepping along on the ol hunt ‘n peck in notepad.

    there are tools such as MarsEdit (…however it’s OSX only, but i’m sure similar type programs exist for Windoze.

    oh yea…there is also Ecto ( but again…OS X.

    So nothing exists for the PC platform?

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    Did you search ?

    The problem with WYSIWYG is it adds lots of extra code. Even the best programs use dividers, paragraph and break tags inaproprietly. If you try cleaning the code up you end up doing about the same amount of work had you edited a clean file to suit your needs. Personally, I like to use a good HTML editor like 1stPage2000 from which, by the way, is free.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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