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    Hello everyone,

    I’ve started using wordpress a few days ago because I wanted to have my own website, and after a lot of struggling against my hoster’s limitations, like the unability to use plugins communicating with other websites such as Akismet (but it’s free and there’s 10GB storage so I won’t complain); I found out that I can’t change the fonts of the site’s title, subtitle, etc without manually modifying the style’s CSS. Which, in my case, is Twentytwelve.

    So I was wondering why there isn’t an advanced editor in WP already. I mean, there already are lots of plugins, but I can’t use any of them because they all use google web fonts or something equivalent, which is prohibited by my site’s host.

    There are several things that could be done to change this. For example, adding a new “Typography/Fonts/Text design/whatever” panel in the Appearance category, that would allow users to edit their current theme’s style.css without going there manually.
    A font manager would be great too, with uploading and deleting abilities; and the possibility to define several files (.ttf, .otf, .woff or .eot) as the “same font” so every browser can see the website correctly. Of course it’s a lot of work and it would take time, but it would make WP a lot better.
    Or at least, I think so.

    What do you think?

    (ps: don’t slap me if this has already been proposed, I’ve only read the search results diagonally and didn’t find anything, also i didn’t think anyone had the same problem as me anyway)

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    Have you had a look at the other custom css plugins?

    I would have used them if I knew CSS but I don’t. And if I had known how to code in CSS, I probably would’ve done it manually anyway.
    And since I’m a total noob in website management and I don’t program anymore (I did about 8 years ago but now I forgot all of it), I can’t change anything on my own.

    What I’m really asking for is a CSS editor somehow looking like the editor we use to write posts: with a WYSIWYG edition mode and a Code edition mode, agremented with buttons, instead of the “Bold, Italic, link, etc”, that could change font size, colors, etc. Do you think it is possible?



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    There are no plans at this time to provide such an editor in WordPress itself as this is really plugin territory. Have you looked at some of the editor plugins such as ? I understand that the developers of this plugin are currently looking at developing a new plugin that provides an editing interface similar to MS Word – if that’s something you’d be interested in.

    I don’t think I explained well enough.

    What i’m searching for is pretty much the same thing, but not for the same goal. I’m not trying to modify articles or pages, I know how to do that.

    I want to be able to edit the font, font size, color, etc of the website’s title, of the website’s subtitle, for example. And WP doesn’t allow me to do that else than manually (or with plugins that don’t work because of my server’s limitations).

    Of course, I actually managed to change the site title’s font this morning (with a plugin), but it was at the wrong size and I couldn’t figure how to change that too (the plugin didn’t allow me to do so); so I set it back to the default font.
    I’m wondering if it’d be possible for WP to give its users an “easy way” to edit the theme itself. Posts and articles can be edited, but the (default) theme is just barely customizable. You can choose a background picture, a title, a description, and that’s pretty much it.
    But what if there was a whole “theme editing” mode in WP?
    Like, you know, something that’d allow me to put the title with a bigger and different font, to make a new column appear on the left, etc… And that editing engine, ideally, would change the code in the style.css file for me.
    Is that even possible, according to you?

    Yeah, after re-reading my first post and the thread’s name, they definitely weren’t clear. What i was thinking of is rather a theme editor.



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    Ah – you’re looking for an online theme editor? I don’t think there any any plans to incorporate anything more advanced in WordPress core – primarily (I imagine) because most theme developers tend to edit theme files offline (using their own favourite tools) and upload using FTP. Have you tired looking at a tool like InstantWP to develop offline,. I don’t use it myself but quite a few people do.

    Well, maybe it can help me, if it does help its users to edit themes without forcing them to code. I’ll try it in a few days, when I have more time for this.
    Thanks for your answers.

    Actually I just decided to try InstantWP. I solved my problems and found a plugin that worked on my hoster without risking an Error 500.

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