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  • Hey folks,

    I’ve redesigned a big WP blog (2gb of data) and, for obvious reasons, after finishing the redesign I’ve created a local server and pointed my PC to the “” address.

    So right now if I access from my PC it will go to my local apache server, which is normal for development.

    Obviously, while redesigning, the editors inserted new articles into the blog.

    What I want is to export ONLY articles written in APRIL. Everything is nice and dandy if using the Export script, EXCEPT the fact that the script doesn’t imports the image path.

    I’ve tried different plugins (like Advanced Exporter) but with no luck, because I suppose that the server is trying to get the new images from…itself (as DEVEL = PRODUCTION).

    Is there any way to import the new articles PLUS their paths to the images? I can simply rsync the “wp-content/uploads” directory and copy the new images, but that still doesn’t fixes the fact that WP is not setting any image at the new posts.

    I’ve lost all day with this so…can you please give me a hint?


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