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    Hi, I have a problem.

    I’ve just installed an event calendar (Event Calendar 3.0.4 by Alex Tingle) to show future events. The problem is I can’t set a specific time for the event, just the date. In the readme file of the plugin it says “In order to set the date, you need to go to the ‘Advanced’ editing screen and
    scroll down until you find the ‘Edit time:’ field.”
    Ok, should be easy enough.
    Only I can’t find that switch to the Advanced Editing screen.

    I search the online doc on and it says

    WordPress has two post editing modes, basic and advanced. Typically, this basic mode is the default for writing new posts, but that can be changed with the When starting a post option in the Administration > Options > Writing SubPanel.

    Ah, the option is located THERE!

    Sure it is…
    Just me being blind then cause I still can’t find it.

    Where the heck is it?!?
    And after browsing and searching for a post of somebody else with the same problem here I find that I am the only one seeking for it. OK, then I AM blind!?!?

    If the feature’s gone since version 2.x of WP, then the doc should be updated. Since the doc functions as a Wiki I am surprised NO ONE has updated that page…

    And if it’s NOT gone, would somebody tell me how to find this feat? Please?

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  • Since WP 2.0 there is no more simple and advanced. It is always “advanced” .

    The timestamp thing is on the right side – one of those blue things. Click on the +.

    Since the doc functions as a Wiki I am surprised NO ONE has updated that page…
    Nothing stops you to do it 🙂

    Thanks for a really fast answer.

    Soooo, that’s where it’s gone 🙂

    The thing is I used that feat to change the date (only, at first).
    Then the future event / post got the right date but a strange time was saved with it.
    I then edited the post again, this time also editing the time.
    The event then showed a time that were changed and close to the set time, but not exactly. So then I started to wonder…

    And after your answer I tested it again. The thing is it adds about 7 minutes to my set time, ie I set 10:00 and it saved 10:07!?

    Ok, now I’ve narrowed the flaw down, maybe I should check the Event Calendar code.

    Thanks again for a fast answer.

    And about editing the wiki…
    I’m too new to be doing that. I mean what if I’d edit it to “The time setting option is gone. Bye” 😉

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