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  1. Alb Inso
    Posted 7 years ago #

    Hi, I am a newbie to CMS and WordPress, but have experience with web design in general.

    I am hoping that someone here can understand what i require, and can point me in the correct place...

    Ok, so i have got my WP running, i have a nice theme downloaded, and have added some test posts and comments.

    The problem i have is this, in the 'edit post' screens, it allows me to point to the location of a .JPG file, which is then used in the page.
    I want this to be a .SWF file instead though.

    Unfortunatly, just entering the path to my .SWF in place of the .JPG doesnt work, because the code generated automatically puts the html tags for < IMG > in place, and i would ideally need to change this.
    ...This is where i come stuck.

    When i view my post on the blog in IE, and i right-clock and View Source, i can see the syntax, and can see what i would need to change so that it references the .SWF instead, BUT, i have no idea where you get to these files to edit them.
    Idealy i would download the Post files, edit them in a text editor, then re-upload them back.

    For example, typically WordPress creates the blog page called something like [looking at the URL in IE]:


    Is it posible to locate the file that is in the example above "?=p9"

    I hope someone even knows what im talking about...


  2. Mark / t31os

    Posted 7 years ago #


    Top one looks suited.

    No reason you have to use the plugin, you could just use them as a reference for code.

    In honesty i hav'nt tried using swf's in posts or pages, i always assumed it worked as standard, so there might be an easier way, but i could be wrong..

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