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  • We’re also having this problem. All the sites that we use ACF have slowed terribly – some even comeback with server errors. Any help would be appreciated…


    We’re also experiencing hangs of up to 20 seconds when loading an admin page that contains ACF fields.

    Love the plugin and hope this will be resolved quickly!

    I am also experiencing this with a site I am developing. This is a major bug and needs to be fixed ASAP. If anyone finds a fix, please share.

    I am gonna take some time to debug this, especially because this plugin saves me loads of development time. If I find something, will share it here then.

    Love the plugin otherwise! 🙂 Would be a shame to choose another plugin for the job…

    We’re having the same problem. Could there be a conflict with other plugins? Besides ACF, we’re using:


    Any commonality with other people having the same issue?

    I am only using ACF at the moment. The plugin author is on holidays in France until 25 january. So no fix until then atleast.

    I haven’t really had any luck in my debugging. My freezes occur with no real pattern. It can be when I save a post, edit a post, view the dashboard, save any acf fields and it can also occur on the front end (Not really that common for me). With the firebug NET panel I saw that Firefox is trying to retrieve some css or js with a GET request. But the GET request never finishes and I have to reload the page in the adress bar. And what CSS or JS file its trying to load, can differ.

    Is it the same error you guys are experiencing?

    I don’t see any pattern either, the problem seems to be completely intermittent, though I’m experiencing load problems (front end) more frequently than not. Im running ACF on multiple sites with various plugins on each of them, some just have ACF and all are slow and sometimes come back with server errors. Not all of my sites are hosted in the same place so can rule out a server issue. Is there a good alternative to ACF? Some of my clients are complaining and could do with sorting before end Jan.

    Thx 🙂

    Are you all using the very latest version of ACF? We’re on 3.0.3, and I see the plugin is available in 3.0.6.

    I’ve updated some of my sites, but not all. Same problem with both versions.

    I am using version 3.0.6, upgraded to WP 3.3.1 now.


    Now my post categories is unchecked when I upgraded WP to 3.3.1. Though its not an ACF problem, seems to be a WP 3.3.1 bug… I am using the normal categories on a custom post type.

    Usually its /wp-admin/css/colors-fresh.css thats stops loading for me.

    Like 70% of the time atleast. And this is when I am logged into the admin. And upgrading to WP 3.3.1 did not solve anything, that I can confirm.

    Anyone come up with a solution? I’m about to install ACF on WP 3.3.1, but the sluggisness certainly scares me. I’ve read about more fields and custom field template, but both sound like they are having serious issue in WP 3.3.1…

    Has anyone come up with any alternatives to this plugin or resolved the slowing down the site issue?

    Install GD Press Tools (link), delete all post revisions WordPress has saved for the ACF post type. I have had no problems since.

    If the problem is the post revisions, you can change how many is saved by adding this code into the wp-config.php file:

    // The code below will make WP only save 2 revisions MAX
    define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 2);

    I had 18 revisions of ONE field group. Everytime you change a field, a revision is probably created (or depending how you save the group field maybe).

    Thanks Icethrill, but your suggestion didn’t work for me. I had a single revision for only a couple out of 10 field groups I set up. Deleting those revisions didn’t improve the performance for me in any measurable way.

    ouch! I’m afraid to jump into ACF if this issue isn’t resolved. Is there another plugin I can use in the interim?

    ACF is a far superior implementation but you can try Custom Field Template, which is pretty robust but has a bigger learning curve and is pretty tedious to set up. It also doesn’t feature all the field types that ACF does. The plugin page screenshots make it appear to be in Japanese but it’s in English.

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