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  • Mike Turner


    I have setup a chain of networked accounts in the UK called TownVoice.

    The way that I operate the site is that I publish an article / question on the site and then share it out to Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

    I’m using the Facebook Comments plugin at the moment for WP.

    Now the challenge that I face is that comments from each technology are entirely independant. Most of my followers comment on a post through Facebook and then expect that when they look at the WP post and see ‘Facebook Comments’ that the comments put on the FB Post would show up here.

    Now I know this is technically challenging, but I will face the same issues with Twitter and G+ once my followers there grow.

    As I’m posting out ‘questions’ I want all the answers to be aggregated into my website somehow.

    Now what I’m thinking is that it would be great if you had a plugin which had this ability:

    1. Post to WordPress and share the link out
    2. Somehow get the ID’s of the respective posts in Facebook, Twitter and G+
    3. Go back to the WP post and input these ID’s against the article
    4. For there to be an aggregated comment section or area which lists out all comments across any of the social media sites.

    This is more of an idea than anything and I’d also like to open the question to the developer of the plugin as well as anyone else already using it to see if this is a general requirement that would be useful to everyone.

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