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  • juliageek



    I really like the look of this plug in. Thanks.

    Is there any way I can edit the sections – I intend to hand the work I am doing over to someone else to use and I’d like the sections to have user friendly titles for that particular site.

    Also, is it possible to add to the number of sections?


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  • MichaelH


    Not understanding what you mean by ‘sections’.




    Thanks for getting back.

    In the ACE admin panel, it states:


    Here are 5 different sections on the site. You can define section by section which categories would you like to hide.

    Archive / Home / RSS Posts / RSS Comments / Search

    I’ve looked at the code that calls the “sections” and it calls them $ace_targets I think.

    Am I right in thinking that this question is less to do with ACE and more to do with the WP theme and somehow linked to the templates?

    What I would really like is the “sections” as defined above to be my top level pages – I am building a page based site and have worked out the navs and templates to do this – I’m trying to use ACE as a way of controlling what goes on in sidebars.

    Let’s say yes and no 🙂

    The “sections”, are simple WP_Query class properties. So they are – let’s say – built in.

    But, yes if you want, you can add more, by extending the $ace_targets with proper values from WP_Query calls.

    You can get these by:

    global $wp_query;

    That sounds way, way over my head!
    I’ve worked around the problem by putting stuff in the templates.

    Do you want the posts related to the categories selected for Home section to be only excluded from the sidebar widgets? (Recent Posts, Recent Commants, Calendar)

    How would I make it so the categories I have excluded from Home be excluded from Home AND the sidebar widgets, not just one or the other? I want my specific category NOT to show up in the calendar.

    Also, I have a list of monthly archives in my sidebar. I have selected a category not to show up in archives, so if you click on the month anything posted in that month in my category doesn’t show up, as it should. But if there are ONLY posts in that category for the whole month (no other categories posted to), it still shows a link and then gives an error saying nothing was found. I would prefer if it would be excluded from the list all (if no valid posts are in the month, that month isn’t linked). Is that possible?

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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