Support » Plugin: Advanced Access Manager » Advanced Access Manager is in violation of the ADA/Section 508

  • Hello,

    I am a blind web developer trying to use your excellent but complicated plugin. You need to put attention to accessibility and the minimum standards of Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    Itms that need fixing:
    – TabIndex the rows and columns for Roles, Access Policies and any other dynamic tables you display
    – Add allt content for action items.
    – Add Keyboard press Javascript action to your checkboxes, so people can activate them by keyboard as well as mouse
    – Use Aria for all form items, and in particular, for loader gifs so the user knows a page is updating.
    – Using alt tags, let users know what particular action is occurring
    – It appears that the list of assignees are not keyboard-reachable. This column needs to be tabindexed

    In your navigation, have a clear delineation between action menu items and your documentation/help sreas

    Currently, I can only manage AAM with the assistance of a person who can see, but are overwhelmed by this highly-technical plugin. That creates frustration for us, and also debilitates my ability to get critical security setup.

    Thank you.

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