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  • WOohoo.. today i recieve notification of 2 new comments. I was pretty amazed, since it was a test blog somewhere. Free online poker?
    So off i went to delete the the comments. 2 comments right. How hard can it be. When i went to the delete comments page. Oh my… 22 new spam comments.
    But wait, i don’t see them in the main page. So i look again. There was one post for every entry from post #1 to post #20
    But wait again. I only have TWO post! They are posting comments on post that does not exists.
    (no. i don’t need you to tell me about all the plugins about spam. It wasn’t installed because this was only a testblog. Just whining about how spammers are targetting WP, and how they are posting to entries that don’t exist)

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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