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  • Hello…

    I am working on a new WP website for myself…
    The link is

    I have a problem! and i could not find the solution in one of the other topics.

    If you look the source on the home page you will see some Adult related links, which i dont want then to be there…
    I have allready looked and looked, and only found the same kind of script in a file in one of the Themes, i deleted the entire theme (i wasnt using it anyway) But that did not help, it is still there….

    What else can i do… or where can i look?

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  • I cant see any link.

    got it

    disable AStickyPostOrderER plugin and let me know is this still there. also i suggest check your analytic plugin if that not solve your problem

    i did disable AStickyPostOrderER, but that did not do anything….
    And what is a Analytic plugin?

    How you added google-analytics code on site. seems that link is added after google-analytics code. this is on <head>

    Mmm… i cant remember adding google analytics… is it a plugin? and where would i have added it? on which page?

    Or where can i find this script…?

    do one thing use theme authenticity checker plugin and check is your theme have that code or not. next make a list of all active plugins then disable all. activate each before checking the code

    Thank you very much… 9 themes had Encrypted codes… i didnt use them so i deleted them. But the code was still there!

    But then after deleting a Youtube plugin, it was gone.

    Thnx for you help!

    And i hope this is usefull for other people with the same problem.

    can you give that plugin name so we can report that plugin as spam

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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