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  • My issue is really a mix of:
    getting categories to work with Apache 1.3.33, and, Adsense targeting.

    It seems when the category links are followed, there is a good match of ads to content. But when a permalink is followed, the targeting is way off. I assume that the way Adsense matches content with ads has much to do with the directory names. When one opens an URL from my permalinks, there is everything in the query string except the word “categories”. (since I am stuck with Apache 1.3.33)

    Is there a way at all yet to use categories in permalinks with this version of Apache without messing up the calendar, etc..?
    (still using 1.2.1)

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  • Ummm, I don’t use ‘nice permalinks’ at all, and adsense has no problem finding pretty relevant stuff for the single post pages. Has more trouble with the home page or cat pages…


    For some of my pages, the Ads that are displayed are not relevant at all! No matter what the content is, the Ad’s displayed are about ‘blogging’ etc, which are not at all relevant to the topic or the content of the page. That too after filtering lot of blog related site!

    Let me explain with and example.

    Say URL #1:

    URL #2:

    Basically both #1 and #2 have the same content.
    #1 is the permalink to the posting, and #2 is the archive for the day.

    If you notice, the Ads for URL #2 are very relevant but not for URL #1. The content is pretty old, and the google-bot has visited it for sometime now. I also did a google search, and URL #1 has a PR 2, and URL #2 has a PR 0. So, that would mean that #1 is known by google much better then #2.

    I was wondering about this, and posted this question on one of the google adsense forums(@digitalpoint), but still haven’t got a satisfactory answer. Further, from one of the replies that i got on the forum, I figured out that the Ad’s would be relevant if we append a querystring to the URL as shown below

    <A href=

    Isn’t it strange ? Its clear that google mediabot indexes the page based on the URL. But what about the content?

    Does it depend on the template used ?….or the permalinks….? i am zapped.

    I think the /blog/ in my URL is the culprit. Can it be removed ? using some rewrite rules?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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