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  • FYI: I just recently started using to help drive traffic to my site but, when I previewed my site, I noticed that the AdSense targeting was way off… They display your site in a frame, and AdSense picks up on topics such as blogs and surfing rather than the content of your page, resulting in whacked out ads. A bit of quick googling revealed the fix… Add this snippet into your AdSense code:

    google_page_url = document.location;

    This forces AdSense to look at your page, rather than the frame it is displayed in, when deciding which ads to serve.


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  • How scucessful has that blogexplosion site been for you?

    I cant speak for that guy but I have quite a few extra site visitors since i used the blogexplosion, according to my stats around 25% of visitors a day are coming to my blog, its just a shame they dont leave a comment.

    How nice of you to leave a link to BE as a referral link 🙂

    Kinda sneaky if you ask me.

    Very sneaky actually – no real need for the referal part of the link, I mean if it was WP doing it the world would be up in arms….:)

    Is there a way to have adsense ads automatically link keywords in a post to advertisement? Like at

    Blogexplosion seems to work great for me. It takes a bit of time to get approved (2 or 3 days?) but once you’re in, it adds a good bit of traffic to your site. Of course, you only get out of it what you put into it, but I sometimes wander around blogs aimlessly, so I might as well generate some traffic while I’m at it.

    Regarding the referral link, I’m sorry if I offended anyone. If you sign up under my name, you don’t lose anything and I get additional visits equal to 10% of what you generate for yourself (again, you don’t lose the 10%, it’s just extra for me). I actually signed up using a referral link that someone else posted in a thread here.

    I’m waffling on whether to join sites like this. Seems they would indeed generate traffic to your site, but will they actually generate people who read your site? Seems people would be tempted to just go generate some traffic. Click on a link, go do something else for 30 seconds, then click another link. What do you think? Is it worth it, or just a waste of time?


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Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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