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Adsense not showing from Mobile

  • After I installed some updates, my ads are not showing in mobile browsers.
    My site is http://depobrearicord.com when you browse it from a desktop you can see the in post ad and sidebard, when you open it from a mobile browser you don’t.

    Please help.

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  • Maybe your mobile (exactly which mobile?) browser has adblock enabled (depends on the mobile browser)?

    It my iphone browser chrome and safari. But I visit other blogs and I can see ads it just with my own. What should I do?



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    This CSS is removing that ad on small screens –

    .main-menu ul.menu, .top-menu ul.menu, .breaking-news, .ei-title h3 {
        display: none;

    Looks like a theme issue – you’ll need to contact your theme vendor/developer, as commercial themes are not supported here.

    Can someone tell me what line to edit in the editor? The vendor is taking some time to give response, and I will like to keep showing ads in the mobile apps!



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    Try here: http://themeforest.net/item/sahifa-responsive-wordpress-newsmagazineblog/2819356

    If they are too slow, you could consider hiring someone:


    We don’t have access to commercial themes…so can’t help with theme issues, sorry.

    Thank you I already posted in there.
    Is it too complicated to modify that issue? It wasnt there before. 🙁



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    If it just suddenly started happening, then it may be related to the ads?

    I have the ads in another site and they are all ok :-(…
    I believe it was after some updates to wordpress, wp super cache.

    I’m not really sure, and I dont want to run a fresh install on everything…
    It’s too risky :/

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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