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    WP Version 3.4.2
    OS: Linux
    Current Theme: Suffusion

    1. I am unable to get AdSense ads to display in a text widget in my sidebar.

    2. I am able to get them to display in a plain HTML page. See

    3. I have tried disabling all plugins. No joy there.

    4. I’m not using any AdSense plugins.

    5. Tried different themes. No joy there either.

    6. AdSense has been setup for over ten days with no ads appearing INSIDE the WP blog pages.

    7. Searched the support database – found lots of similar issues but no real solutions other than waiting for them to miraculously show up or self-activate.

    In closing: Since I can get them to display in a plain text html file I feel the issue resides inside WP.

    All help sincerely appreciated.

    One Old Vet

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  • I can see AdSense ad being displayed here:

    Looking at the code being output at your index page, it seems either you are using a plugin or some extra codes are output by your theme or some other scripts. Use FF+ Firebug to view the code.

    To get a clearer picture of whether ads are being served or not, go to your AdSense account and look at the pageviews for today, yesterday and the last one week and see the total number of ads served, and variations.

    Krishna, thanks for the headsup.

    Like other users with this “problem” it now appears that the ads are miraculously showing up.

    Don’t know why, probably never will.

    I didn’t change anything after I posted my first note.

    Thanks for all taking the time to read my post/

    One Old Vet

    Glad to note that the problem is fixed.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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