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  • Hi

    I have been experimenting to see which adsense plug in works the best but unfortunately even though they place the adsense block where I want it, the adsense does not pick up on the meaning of the page.

    I am using the “adsense-now” plugin with the “Tags 2 Meta Generator” which does a good job at producing keywords from the post tags

    The keywords are generated very well but when you read the source code of any post, the keywords are positoned about half way down the page. Although there is only one instance of <meta name=”keywords” content=”… the adsense normally goes for the domain name as a keyword because it has to fight its way down the page to get to the meta keyword list

    Any ideas how to get the meta keyword st to the top of the post?


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  • From my understanding, most search engines these days do not really pay as much attention to the meta keywords, mainly because the search engine bots are much smarter than they used to be, and now focus more on the actual content of the page.

    Context based advertising works fairly well in general, but is never perfect. It also depends on what type of ads are available that relate to the content of your site.

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