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  1. dustin807
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I'm using google adsense link units just below my header.

    Here is my website homepage

    The adsense links do not show up on the homepage.

    However, for some reason they do show up on my contact page.

    The link units on the contact page are relevant to my websites content. The link units also show up on some of my blog posts, but not on other blog posts.

    The link units do show up on this post

    But the link units do not show up on this post

    Do you have any idea why the link units are displaying relevant ads on some of my pages and posts, but not displaying any ads at all on other pages and posts?

    It seems like the Contact page is one of the least relevant pages on my site, and I get good ads on that page. Whereas, my homepage has tons of relevant content on it and I get no ad link units displaying on that page.

    Any idea why this is occuring or how I can fix it?

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