• When I try to select adsense, I get this message:

    No valid ad units for AMP could be found in your account. Please create an Ad Unit that works well on mobile (less than 500px wide and less tall than wide, or Responsive). After creating your ad unit, please try again.

    But I’m sure I have created the right units in my account.


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    If you have multiple AdSense accounts, make sure it’s hooked up to the right one. I personally have a lot of Google Accounts so I do get them mixed up sometimes.

    Other than that, super tall skyscraper ads aren’t supported, super wide banner ads aren’t supported, but anything resembling the ratio of a square should work. Especially if you have a responsive ad in the account, that’ll definitely work.

    So my best guess is to make sure it’s the right Google Account that’s connected!

    I only have one adsense account and contains multiple formats that should work in a mobile browser, including a responsive one.

    I am seeing the same error too. I have multiple ad units which should be fine and only one Adsense account on the Google account I am using (which is the correct one).

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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