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  • You might know that Adsense Search is offering to display the results on a page of your website instead of opening a new page that does not resemble your website at all.

    To accomplish this you have to add a search results page to your blog and add specific adsense code (in html) to it.

    My problem is that this code is not executed as it seems. I tried adding it using the html button and pasting it into the text as well. Search results do not show up.

    I tried all available plugins but none are making this work.

    I basically need a solution how I could add html code to a wordpress page without wordpress altering the code.

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  • Since we can’t go to your page and test this through your Google search option without contributing to ad fraud and violating Google’s AdSense policies against directing people to your ads, we won’t be able to help you until you post the code itself here or give us a link to where Google has it posted.

    I’m not trying to insult you or push you away from seeking actual support help here, but, if we’re not careful about this kind of stuff, then we’ll end up with thousands of posts here every day saying something like, “My AdSense seems to be broken; could you test it by going to my site and clicking all my ads repeatedly.” That would make us no better than

    Anyway, I hope that you come back with the actual code, because I’d be interested in using something like that myself.

    If you are using Adsense for Search you can take a look at the code yourself. I just want to add the basic “Adsense for Search” Results on my own page. The option is given by google, all I have to do is copy the code from google to the page where the results shall appear.

    I won’t show the code because it is the default code generated by Google.

    The problem I face is that I can’t just paste the code to a WordPress page. It is not working..

    Are you putting the code in the “content” of a Page? – Wrong.
    Try to make a new Page template and put the code into the template file… (then the usual drill: create a new Page by using the new template, don’t write anything into it, etc.)

    Thank you so much, that’s it 😉

    That’s why I didn’t know about it. I don’t use AdSense for search.

    Thanks for the tips. I managed to get this to work and from my experiences I posted detailed instructions on how to implement this feature on a WordPress blog. I had problems with the width but I worked around this by eliminating my sidebar from the results pages. You can find the instructions on my blog

    I wrote a tutorial for WordPress users to blend AdSense search result on WordPress blog.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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