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  • I’ve been trying to integrate adsense in the middle of some of my posts. Adsense deluxe unfortunately gets passed through any default text control which deforms the google ad beyond recognition. I assume you can only use this plugin on posts with *all* text control turned off? Any way around this?

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  • No – you can’t use the wysiwyg editor for code. It changes it or strips it.

    I use WP 1.5, not the wysiwyg editor.

    I’m talking about the text control/interpretation that happens by default with any published post unless you turn it off and manually enter all paragraph marks, breaks, etc. etc. Make sense?

    Sorry – I haven’t used 1.5 in forever – not sure.

    lol, 2.x hasn’t been out for THAT long.

    blake – when you use 2.x daily, especially when you use it on more than one site, it really does feel like forever.

    as far as i know, in 2.x you don’t need to turn off anything – however in 1.5 i believe you do.

    see? more than just security issues as a reason to upgrade! 😉

    On the downside to upgrading … upgrading approximately a million plugins and losing all the customizations and hacks I’ve made to WP itself, sigh.

    Can someone confirm this? You have to turn off text formatting with 1.5 but not with 2.0? I don’t get why 2.0 wouldn’t autoformat line breaks and reencode special characters by default like 1.5 does.

    Okay, guys, I have part of the problem but I could really use some help.

    The problem is a conflict with the TextControl plugin. It appears to block whatever method AdsenseDeluxe is using to avoid WP texturizing and autoformatting.

    I use TextControl on about 10% of my 600 posts because otherwise some custom php content I was bringing in got auto-texturized and formatted and I didn’t know how to exclude it.

    Maybe this was a really bad idea. Anyone know if there’s a way to make these two plugins work together? I can’t be the only one trying to use TextControl and ASDeluxe.

    Just trying to clarify – you use TextControl in order to USE php in your posts? Or to post php code in your posts?

    I use runPHP for any time I need to use PHP in a post or page. No issues with ASD when using it either… maybe that could help?

    If it’s just to post PHP code in your posts, and I misread you, sorry if this isn’t what you’re looking for.

    I use text control to turn off the wp-autoformat stuff for the php hacks I include in my posts via RunPHP. Otherwise WP adds too many line breaks, escapes all the characters, etc.

    There’s probably a much smarter way to do this.

    Okay, I’m going to try inscript to handle my php formatting problems on a case-by-case basis and try to get rid of TextControl.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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