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  • Ok, I posted on the AdSense Deluxe page and haven’t gotten a response and I want to get my blog working again.

    So, here’s what happens. I have AdSense Deluxe installed. I put an AdSense Deluxe ad block in every post. It was working just fine, but as I have added plugins, it now doesn’t seem to work anymore.

    If I have AdSense Deluxe turned on, the main blog page only loads partway then stops. So, depending on the length of posts, it sometimes loads part of the sidebar, it sometimes doesn’t. I only have 3 posts on my page and even that seems to be too much.

    When the page was loading fully I did some tests and found that with AdSense Deluxe turned on, pages took 3 seconds to generate. With it turned off, the pages were only 1.5 seconds.

    Has anyone seen this before? Is there a fix for it? I don’t want to have to debug someone elses plugin, since I switched from my own plugin to theirs to make life easier.

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  • Well, with the help of a bug report from a friend, I figured it out. PHP was running out of memory….back on track.

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