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  • I have registered with Google AdSense and have received my first Ad code to place in my blog. It is a 120 x 240 ad which will be placed in a Custom 120 x 240 widget. I cannot figure out how to place this code into the ad widget. Can anyone help?

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  • You just need to drag and drop the text widget to the sidebar by going to

    then paste the code. This is how the text widget looks like:

    I don’t get anything from your response. I am looking for how to put my AdSense CODE into the sidebar widget. Where can I find the source to paste this code?

    I don’t want another widget until I place an ad in the existing 120 x 240 widget. I am trying to find out how to do that. Then I’ll work on dragging another widget over for something else.

    Well, if you can’t find a link form the ad widget settings page, usually you can find plugin’s Site URL in their readme.txt file:


    try your luck there, so you can visit Widget developer’s site to find the info. I don’t know which ad widget you are referring to, so don’t have enough details to help you.

    The widget is the “Custom 120×240 Ad”. “A widget that allows the display and configuration of a single 120×240 Banner.”

    Unfortunately, I can’t find a place to configure it. All I can find is the widget page to drag and drop it.

    AdSense provides an HTML code to place within my ad space and I am trying to find a way to place this code into the ad space.

    Do you know if it’s a plugin or it’s a custom made widget? Because trying to finding a plugin at

    using the keyword “Custom 120×240 Ad” returned nothing, but using the keyword “Custom Ad” returned a lot of them:

    If it’s a custom made widget, then you have to contact the original developer.

    Well, it says custom, so I assume it’s custom. And I have no idea where to go to get any info on it.

    I see. Then I am pretty sure it’s not a default WordPress widget, because can’t find on my fresh WordPress installation (checked out now).

    BertC There is a widget called “Text” in your default wordpress installation. Just drag and drop it to the slidebar and put the Adsense code there. May be that will work


    I’ve already told him that, but he wanted to use the widget called “Custom 120×240 Ad” that’s already in his system. That’s the riddle here…

    wpthemes May be your wordpress installation is too old. I am using new 3.x version. 😀


    Huh? I think you’ve confused the username.

    ok ok sorry Mr. I apologize. 😀,

    I think what the OP needs is only placing the code in the text widget and saving it (as your second image link shows). I think you can try to help him with that, though I am not sure what he wants, as his response shows.

    I tried that. It doesn’t work. The only thing that shows up is my title. And I don’t want a title. I want the Google Ads to show up.

    Can you post your site URL so that we can see and find out what prevents your ad from showing up?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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