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    Hi I will keep it short, this may not be relevant to the forum BUT there is no way for me to contact AdSense support and I have a serious issue for more than 2 months.

    I have a WordPress site and use AdSense auto ads, there is one ad placement that has been used by auto ads to place an ad. it is right under the header and it sticks there all the time covering my content. most of my readers complain about it and my earning last month had deduction (this is not fair) because of this readers have to click on the ad trying to get it off the screen and google thinks that I made the ad this way so I force audience to click on it.

    I went to auto ads setting and I found an ad placement and I removed it from the setting (in page ads) but it is still there no matter what I do it will still shows up at the same place. the only way I can remove it is when I disable all the ads like turn off auto ads completely.

    I tried to contact AdSense support but there is no way, so my only place to maybe contact a human is from this forum. I am so pissed at this and seriously considering deleting AdSense from my site because it missed up my site and readers are complaining all the time.

    please help or advise me on how to contact google AdSense support I need to talk to a person, the community support is dead no one there.

    Thank yo so much

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  • Plugin Support James Osborne


    Sorry to hear you’re not happy with how Auto ads is performing on your site, and the trouble you’ve had seeking assistance. Certainly it doesn’t sound idea and I understand your frustration, with such an unpleasant user experience when visiting your site.

    While we don’t provide support for AdSense outside the scope of Site Kit it sounds like you’ve already attempted using the Auto ads preview tool to limit this ad from certain areas of your site. Can you inform me of the following:

    1. When using the Auto ads preview tool did you restrict ads on that position for both mobile and desktop?
    2. What is your site URL, I can then check your site layout. It’s possible there may be some layout issues impacting ad placement.

    Rather than removing AdSense from your site have you also considered using a plugin such as Advanced Ads or AdInserter? With both plugins you can choose single ad units but use this same ad units to appear across your site in your preferred areas, to ensure consistent ad positions across your site. You could then remove the Site Kit or manually placed Auto ads snippet on your site, while still using Site Kit to view your AdSense dashboards.

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    Thank you so much for answering:

    1- When using the Auto ads preview tool did you restrict ads on that position for both mobile and desktop? Yes, and when I remove it from mobile I think it disappears from desktop as well.

    so basically the issue was with one ad that is attached to the header and because I use sticky header the ad sticks there and block the screen all the time and also blocking content which caused readers to click on it and google thinks that I made it this way to generate clicks and stuff like that so they deducted from my revenue 🙁

    so, now I disabled the sticky header and surprisingly the ad now moved from the header it found another place like under the header. and the options to disable the ad in that place are more clear now, it shows an ad in that area and when I remove it it shows another one to be removed as well.

    so I am thinking that ads are in love with that area so when I remove one another will show up there so I might have to remove all of them.

    what I temporarily did is I decided to disable the sticky header and so far things are working fine. I will wait and see how it goes and maybe get things back as they were and remove all the ads on that area.

    I really thank you so much for trying to help with this, and I know you guys are trained very well (I used to work for google customer support) and the question you asked regarding mobile and desktop was very smart.

    Thank you for your time.

    Plugin Support James Osborne


    Thanks for the update. Let us know after a few days if you encounter the same experience, hopefully the configurations you applied with the sticky header will fix it.

    And no problem regarding the assistance, that’s what we’re here for! we can keep this support topic open for a few days to ensure everything is working as expected, at which point we can close it.

    Thread Starter makecake


    Sounds good. I will watch it over the next week and see if it occurs again I will open a new thread with reference to this one.

    Thank you for your time>

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