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  • Hey .

    In my WP on the old host, ads were displayed ookay, including ads from Adsense and Widgetbucks… I moved to a new host and everything is great, except that NO ads are displayed at all !

    In the old blog I inserted ads directly to the theme template, and also using plugin Adsense Integrater. They both worked.

    Now, none of theme. I suspect something is preventing the ads from displaying, although their codes are laoded when the page loads. I doubt it is a plugin interference because even the ads added directly to the template arent working either .

    My blog is here

    And please tell me if you have any comments regarding my blog which is new 🙂

    Thanx !

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  • Anybody ?

    I’m seeing the ads just fine. FF3 on Mac OSX.

    WHAT ! U MUST BE JOKING !! ???

    can U please take a screenshot and post it ?? I really dont understand how you see them and I dont !! its not that I use one browser , I tested it with 4 browsers and didnt show up !!!

    wait a minute, are you sure that what U have seen are actually ADS ??

    First off, please don’t yell at me.

    Second, what I’m seeing in the side bar look like ads to me. Right now, I’m seeing an ad for verizon. Now it’s rotated to Narnia DVD’s. if those aren’t ads…

    I’m also seeing a bunch of what look like ads below the bog box – but they’re in a language I don’t understand (is that farsi? No – that’s not farsi – I’m not sure what it is. Sorry – I’m not up on my Middle-eastern languages!)

    But I’m definitely seeing ads. (I can’t post a screenshot here, sorry!)

    Hey !!

    I didnt yell at U .. its just that I was kinda shocked when U said that you saw the ads … its not that I didnt see the ads on my PC using 4 differenet broswers including FF 3.05, its also that I couldnt see no ads even from other computers outside me home.. It is shocking and very strange that U can see them while I cant, where the problem lies not in the browser or the network (what reason there might be !)

    The language of my blog is Arabic
    But what did u mean by saying “look like ads below the bog box”, and did you actually see ads from Google ?

    Why cant you post a screenshot ? I am sure its not that you dont know how to take screenshots, but I dont understand why wouldnt U do it (its not violation of rules or something) .

    Thanx for ur help..

    I’d like to get an answer for those questions, if anybody likes to help!

    Your Adsense ads are not showing for me. Try emailing Adsense support to see if there’s some sort of problem with your site or new host.

    I contacted them, but they never replied to me till then !

    Thanx !

    BUMP !



    I found out that Widgetbucks’ ads dont appear to me because they are country specific. The country I am visiting my website from is not yet included in Widgetbucks’ supported countries. That is why doodlebee saw the ads as she mentions in her comment above.

    HOWEVER, Adsense ads still not showing up , and adsense team/staff didnt respond at all to my continues alerts.

    Whats the solution ?

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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